Instant House Values

AgentBillboard Instant House Values Lead Capture!

AgentBillboard Instant House Values

Generate your own leads by providing Instant House Valuations to potential Buyers and Sellers anywhere in your market area. When a potential client clicks on your custom AgentBillboard link, our patented GeoLocator Tool will instantly display the users current property value, capture their address and send it to you by email. Even if the user does not fill out their name and email address, you can still mail them your listing presentation package to the address captured by our software. The AgentBillboard GeoLocator Tool is perfect for use on Facebook campaigns and your existing web site.


Realtor’s across the country are using this technology to help build their business by providing valuable information to Buyers and Sellers instantly. Can you generate just one sale by using our GeoLocator tool? We think you can do that and more. Sign up now and show that you are on the cutting edge of real estate in your area!

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for just $299 per year!


House Values Lead Capture Highlights

    • – Just $299 Per Year
    • – Patented GeoLocator tool captures visitors property addresses instantly so you can mail your Listing Presentation Package
    • – Provides clients instant property valuations
    • – No website required!
    • – Customized welcome message from you
    • – Perfect for Facebook campaigns
    • – Easily add link to your existing website


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